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Art by Midknight

My Creative Playground

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Innej Blue
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My place to share my Art, Icons and Resources

Have a request for Icons, Graphics (banners, headers, etc.)
or Photoshop Brushes?

Please leave a comment in my REQUEST POST

My name is Jennifer and I’m a happily married, stay-at-home mom of 3 + 1 kids (24yr old son with Asperger’s Syndrome & Hydrocephalus, 23yr old step-daughter, 19yr old daughter & 17yr old son), 5 cats. I crochet as often as I can and I love making up new designs in crochet.

I enjoy crocheting, knitting, drawing, painting, painting on ArtRage and working on Photoshop. My grandmother taught me crochet when I was 7yrs old, I am self-taught in knitting and on Photoshop, and my art education is all through my school career, from elementary through high school.

I also live everyday with Fibromyalgia.

Please feel free to watch this Journal for any updates that will be coming in the near future

I enjoy making icons, wallpapers and painting on my Photoshop CS4. I also enjoy traditional art, especially using graphite pencils and prismacolor & spectracolor pencils. Occasionally, I come up with some pretty decent photos that I take and will share as stock.

For my Icons and Banners: please credit midknight_starr or art_bymidknight. Textless Icons are not Bases, unless otherwise noted on the post. Wallpapers are for personal use only.

For my Stock: please credit midknight_starr or art_bymidknight or midknightstarr on deviantart.com. I would also love a link to the work my stock was used in, because I love seeing what was done with them.

For my artwork: generally I don't have them for download, but I have started a PRINTSHOP on deviantART. If you are interested in purchasing any of my art, please check out my printshop first, and if it's not there, you can put in a request to purchase the piece on my REQUEST POST


by Midknight Homepage

by Midknight Designs

Jennifer Christensen Ravelry Designer Page

by Midknight on Craftsy

by Midknight Art Portfolio

My deviantART Printshop


Take my button or banner,
just copy and paste the code to your Journal or Site:




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I am Owner and co-maintainer/moderator of:

Take and Share my Community Banner:

Icon Table code by: lilbreck HERE

Profile code by: cindergraphics HERE
and the Fire Flower stock, she linked to in the comments

Transparent Mithril Decor Photoshop Pattern used in background made by css0101 on deviantART

Header, Default Icon, Layout, Button and Banner made by: midknight_starr

My original graphics journal is mkstarr_icons,
Created on 2006-07-02 18:50:26 (#10579806), last updated 2011-05-30


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