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Art by Midknight
My Creative Playground
Welcome to Art by Midknight
My Creative Playground.

Here I post my Graphics, Artwork, and Resources.
For my Graphics I use Photoshop CS6.

I also use ArtRage Studio for most of my digital traditional-style paintings.

Please visit my Tags Page or Memories Page to find my Digital and Traditional Artwork, Fanart and other Fandom Graphics, Icons and Wallpapers, and Brushes and Textures for Photoshop.

I also have a Request Page if there is anything else you'd like to see here, other Fandoms or Resources.

Thank you for visiting and taking a look


My FanArt can also be found on Archive of Our Own

9th-Apr-2013 08:09 pm - [sticky post] Commissions Open
misc - Vintage Rose

{Commissions by ~MidknightStarr on deviantART}

Digital Portraits (2400x3000, 300ppi)
Grey-tone - $5
Grey-tone + one colour* - $6
Full Colour - $10
Reference Photo required


Click on thumbs for full size

Programs used:
Photoshop CS6
ArtRage 4
Or a combination of the two
with the Wacom Bamboo Splash pen tablet

Questions and PayPal:

*Specify colour and placement on portrait, ie. blue eyes, or pink cheeks, a touch of sepia or another color (like a "photo filter" color), etc

11th-Oct-2015 07:33 pm - Knitsy Magazine Issue #25
misc- Crochet- The Mad Hooker
I know, another something crocheted. I know I need to do more artwork, fanart, ect, because that is what this LJ is for, but this is really exciting news for me :D

Originally posted by midknight_starr at starrs_crodream post Knitsy Magazine Issue #25


I have my very first published pattern! I was contacted by the editor of Knitsy Magazine last month asking to feature my Dragon Scale Head Kerchief, which started out as a WordPress Exclusive Pattern, in the next issue of their magazine and here it is ready for download! You can read the issue online and download individual patterns, or download the entire issue onto your iPhone!

You can see it here online: Knitsy Issue #25 at mycraftacademy

or here at the App Store: Knitsy App

Knitsy Issue #25
2015-09-29 10.46.24

Dragon Scale Head Kerchief
misc- Crochet- The Mad Hooker
I've been taking a bit of a break from drawing to focus on my crochet right now and this is another one that I am particularly proud of. I actually made this last year, but my daughter just took these photos for me recently for a publication.

I do have the patterns available for both the shrug and head kerchief.


Pattern for the head kerchief can be found for free HERE at my WordPress

Pattern for the shrug can be purchased HERE

19th-Apr-2015 04:14 pm - Hooded Dragon Armor Shrug
Mod - Crochet by Midknight
I wanted to share this here also, because I am rather proud of the way it turned out. There is no written pattern, it all came from my head, except for a stitch pattern bible for inspiration for a stitch pattern called Fairy Shell that is used in the hood and front panels. The Crocodile Stitch, which is also known as Dragon scale, used in the main body and part of the hood, I learned how to do a year ago from a tutorial online, but I have my own technique on how I do it now and I have since wrote my own tutorials on how.

For more information about this shrug, you can reaad about it on Crochet by Midknight (starrs_crodream) HERE.

If you're intersted in a similar shrug, I have a pattern for purchase HERE for the orignal Dragon Scale Shrug.

19th-Apr-2015 04:26 am - Rose Tyler - Doctor Who
DW- The Kiss - NINE/Rose

Rose Tyler from the episode Dalek

Graphite pencil in 3H, 2B, and 6B

I didn't have a scanner, so the photo was taken with my iPod Touch
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